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First Irish continued, by way of Belinda McKeon…
September 24, 2010, 1:27 am
Filed under: Observations

Tonight, at long last, I was able to get sprung from work in time to make the 7pm curtain at PS 122 for Graham & Frost, a highly charged one-act by Belinda McKeon.

It’s an admirable undertaking — one that reminds you of the possibility of discovering something new. To be completely honest, I’m hard-pressed to remember anything I’ve seen downstairs at PS 122 in recent seasons that has demonstrated the same resonance or promise. A taut play with a spot-on cast, G&F draws you into a heightened setting that is simultaneously plausible and expertly controlled, with a persistent inflection drawn from the air of inherent menace.

The poetry rests in McKeon’s ability to resist the low-hanging fruit of predictable stage action and instead focus on the complexity and nuance of character. In return, three memorable dramatic figures follow you home, with each of them remaining well beyond the running time of the play.

Perhaps the super-harvest moon has aligned a harmonic convergence whereby PS 122 and the Project Cube have become interlocked, as the same vibrant energy radiating on the Dublin Fringe these past weeks has a strong echo ringing out on E. 9th Street. NYC is all the luckier for this cosmic coincidence.


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